Mesothelioma Funds: Mesothelioma Veterans Compensation From the VA

Mesothelioma a rare form of cancer which most commonly arises 10 to 40 years after asbestos exposure. Many U.S. military veterans were exposed to asbestos during their time in the service and veterans account for a fair number of the more than 30,000 mesothelioma diagnoses that are reported annually in the United States.  Veterans account for approximately 1/3 of all mesothelioma diagnosed patients.

A naturally-occurring mineral that’s favored for its heat resistance and insulation properties, asbestos was used in many applications by the U.S. military in the timeframe between 1930 and the 1980s.

From its use in plumbing and boilers, to vehicle parts, insulation, engines and beyond, thousands of military veterans were exposed to asbestos during their enlistments. Asbestos was commonly found in ship yards too, as it was added to every Navy vessel in an attempt to modernize the fleet’s ships, primarily in the years of 1930 through the 1970s.

The U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs –- better known as the VA — processes mesothelioma compensation requests from veterans seeking VA disability compensation. To obtain funds and other assistance, you must file a VA claim which serves to document and prove that your asbestos exposure was directly linked to your military service.

Helping Mesothelioma Veterans Get VA Benefits

When seeking VA benefits for mesothelioma veterans, there are a few different steps that you’ll need to complete.

The VA claim form that must be completed by those who are seeking mesothelioma VA benefits is comprised of three basic components:

  • The Asbestos Exposure Summary – In this document, the veteran must provide a written summary of their asbestos exposure, including the time, place and method of exposure. The most common cases of military asbestos exposure involve veterans who served on ships and worked on machinery, vehicles and plumbing (although many other veterans were exposed to asbestos as well.)
  • Asbestos Exposure Documentation – Mesothelioma veterans are required to provide documentation and other evidence to support their claims of military asbestos exposure. Relevant documentation may include documents on when and where you served in the military, along with your role and duties during your enlistment. These important documents must be included with your VA claim.
  • Verifying and Submitting Your VA Claim – The final step in the process entails verifying that you have included all relevant information and documents with your VA claim paperwork. Once complete, the documentation and form can be submitted to your local VA office for review.

In cases where a mesothelioma veteran’s VA claim was denied, our experienced mesothelioma attorneys will work to review your documents in search of any omissions or other issues that could be corrected or remedied. We can also guide you through the process of filing a VA claim appeal.

mesothelioma veterans compensation

Helping Veterans Get Mesothelioma Compensation Without a Lawsuit

At Mesowatch, the team strives to provide patients and their family members find the information they need following a mesothelioma diagnosis.

A mesothelioma diagnosis can be devastating due to the poor prognosis, with just 40% of patients surviving for twelve months post-diagnosis, and just 8% surviving for five years after diagnosis.We understand how profoundly this form of cancer can impact your life and the life of your family members.

Contact Mesowatch today and let the experienced team of mesothelioma lawyers help you get the compensation you and your family need to live a good quality of life in light of this devastating diagnosis. The good news is that in many cases, mesothelioma funds are available without filing a lawsuit or taking other legal action. Their compassionate and caring team will work to guide you through the process of getting the funds you need to cover medical expenses and more.

Mesothelioma compensation is now available not only from the VA but also through multi-billion dollar mesothelioma trust funds that have been set up to cover medical expenses, lost wages and more.

They’ll help you determine which forms of mesothelioma compensation you’re eligible to receive and then, we’ll work to help you get the funds you deserve.