Is acupuncture a safe treatement for patients taking blood thinners?

Acupuncture typically involves inserting thin needles into the skin throughout the body in strategic positions to relieve pain. The needles used for the treatment are very thin and a lot smaller than the standards needles used for blood drawing and injections of medicines. The needles that are used being so small, there is very little bleeding that occurs with the acupuncture treatment.

Blood thinners such as Xarelto, Pradaxa, Eliquis increase the risk of bleeding. Patients consuming blood thinners are most certainly advised to avoid any daily activity that may put them at an increased bleeding.

Acupuncture research has been conducted and looks to be a safe treatment for the patients on a blood thinner drug. It is though very important to let your treatment individual for acupuncture to be informed that you are currently taking a blood thinner so they may used extra care precautions .

It usually takes a few treatments of acupuncture to start receiving results that you are looking for our of acupuncture treatment, so it is recommended to go in for as many as 10 treatments to see the effectiveness you are searching for.

Is acupuncture treatment okay if I am currently on chemotherapy or radiation treatment?

Acupuncture is researched to be safe while on chemotherapy or radiation treatments, but you should always inform your acupuncturist that you are prone to a possible excessive bleeding issues or that you are currently on blood thinners or any type of anticoagulants. Severe or even abnormal bleeding after acupuncture treatment is rare, but it is highly advise for patients consuming anticoagulants need to be monitored extra carefully during their treatment.

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