How Acupuncture is Helping Treatment for Veterans

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Cancer Healing Properties of Acupuncture for Veterans

Pain is the best researched knowledge for acupuncture. Evidence suggests treatment of acupuncture has relieved many patients of pain but does not produce the long term benefits. The ancient alternative medicine has many researchers and scientists conducting many clinical trials.

Clinical Studies

Many patients who seek out the treatment of acupuncture are searching for musculoskeletal issues. The alternative treatment is commonly used in addition to other forms of treatment. Research has proven acupuncture in accordance with other therapies to be more effective with pain management.

Patients seek out acupuncture treatment for various health issues. Many cancer patients including mesothelioma victims, depend on acupuncture to maintain their lack of comfort resulting from their symptoms in their disease. Mesothelioma treatment options have researchers in a majors hunt for alternative methods in treating this very aggressive cancer. Veterans that were exposed to asbestos in their career in the service are just know receiving symptoms of mesothelioma decades after the fact. Unfortunately mesothelioma victims on average have 4-5 months from diagnosis to death. There are thousands of veterans that have served being diagnosed with a terrible disease related to exposure to asbestos fibers.

Generally many patients are treated with acupuncture that have obtained an illness. Regarding the treatment of cancers, the alternative treatment can be to used as a complementary therapy to relieve many symptoms patients are receiving:

  • Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight Loss
  • Vomiting caused by chemotherapy

In clinical research, acupuncture reduced the amount of pain in cancer patients. Most of the patients that received acupuncture treatment were able to use smaller doses of medicine or completely stop taking drugs for pain all together.

Of course there is a lot more research to be conducted on how well the effectiveness of acupuncture treatment is as an alternative treatment. New clinical studies indicate that new treatments are better than past studies and the treatment may now become known as a standard treatment with cancer patients.