Chances of lung cancer from working with asbestos?

The chances of getting lung cancer from asbestos exposure depends on multiple factors:

  • How much and the duration of exposure
  • Length of time since exposure occurred
  • Age when exposure occurred
  • Type of asbestos exposed to

The time it takes from exposure to disease development is 10 to 40 years. Lung cancer when diagnosed from long-term exposure to asbestos will have fatal health issue, some research studies indicate that workers with a few months of exposure have an increased risk in developing lung cancer.

Lung cancer has also been proved to affect family members of asbestos workers is a result of secondhand exposure.

Lung cancer that is from exposure will not show symptoms usually until the disease is often already advanced. There are many symptoms of asbestos exposure that is highly recommended to research and if you have any concern please set an appoint to your primary care doctor immediately.  You primary care doctor will refer you to a specialist if symptoms have advanced.

These symptoms are also related with other lung disease, therefore to confirm the diagnosis it is necessary to conduct the correct testing. The information at will explain the unfortunate event of a rare case of mesothelioma.